What to enjoy in Banja Luka

Banja Luka – Sightseeing
While staying in our city make sight seeing tour with a certified tourist guide or by your self.
With 250000 citizens, the city of Banja Luka is second largest city in Bosnia and Herzegowina. It represents the cultural, economic, administrative, sports and universuty of Republic of Srpska(one of two republic who constitute BiH) and it also consist our hostel which is first open hostel in Banja Luka.

1. Kastel (castle)
It is possible to trace Banja Luka’s continous development of human settlemwnts, which date fron prehistoric times, until today. The medieval Kastel fortress located in the centre of the city is a place where you will certanly expirience the atmosphere and spirit of the ancient times.
“Kastel” is distanced about 1,5 kilometer from Hostel Banja Lluka

Kastel Banja Luka

2. Sehitluci -Banj brdo
Monument of the fallen people during the II World War, located on „Banj brdo“(hill near banjaluka) is the work of Antun Augustincic, one of the greatest Yugoslav sculptors. On „Banj brdo“ you also have meny paths for walking trough wood and lot of nature to see.
Hill is 4 kilometers(40 minutes of walk) far from Hostel and it is one of the nicest things to see.

Šehitluci - Banj brdo

3. The city of greenery
Banja Luka has many green areas (parks and alleys). This is reason why it is often called „the city of greenery“. It is the greenery, sports and young people that direct the city toward a place thet is a surrounding of healthy living.

4. Beautiful girls
Banja Luka id famous for very beautiful and large number of girls. It is urban legend that in Banja Luka lives 7 girls on one guy in numbers. Best thing to find out is it thrue is to find accommodation in Hostel Banja Luka and to go out in the city.

5. Museum of contemporary arts
The Museum conducts organization of exhibitions of current art production, especially in terms of guest artists, which involves cooperation with other professional institutions from abroad.
The activity of the Museum involves that all organized installations are accompanied with proper catalogs, which represent fundamental publications of recent artworks. Previously accepted practice of publishing of curators’ prologue in catalogs is an indicator of professional standards in presentation and displaying. The expertise reception is very useful to the professional image of the Institution and to its permanent inclusion into complex relationships of understanding modern art. It gives an opportunity to insert new theoretical discourse of contemporary art interpretation, but also contributes to affirmation of audience, as a potentially training aspect of Museum activities.
Museum is 2 kilometers(20 minutes of walk) far from Hostel Banja Luka and we recommend it.

Active city
In Banja Luka we have large number of activities that you can try. Expirience is enormous but not expensive as it is in EU or around the world.

1. Rafting


2. Night rafting

Hostel banja Luka - Night rafting

Night rafting

3. Canyoning

Hostel banja Luka - Canyoning


4. Hydro-speed

Hostel banja Luka - hidro speed


5. Hiking


6. Mountain biking
7. Canoeing


8. Kayaking


9. Paintball


10. Archery


11. Free climbing

Free climbing

12. Team building
13. Fishing & Flyfishing

Fishing & Flyfishing

Fishing & Flyfishing

14. Diving
15. Riding
If you need any information contact Hostel Banja Luka. Local sports clubs in their offer also have included transport from hostel to the activity place.

Day trips
Use your time to discover beautiful picnic grounds in the area when you are in accommodation in hostel Banja Luka.

1. Banj brdo
The most popular Banja Luka picnic ground s can be founded at Banj Brdo(Hill located 4 kilometers or 40 minutes of walk from hostel Banja Luka). It is rich with forest, walking and mountaineering tracks, drinking spring water and designated areas for rest and recreation.

2. Trapisti
The picnic grounds at Trapisti are the birth place of Banja Luka’s industrial facilities(around 1870. year), you can enjoy yourself in the Trapist’s forest and the Zoo Park.

3. Krupa naVrbasu
Krupa na Vrbasu, located approximately 25 km south of Banja Luka, is a place with extraordinary natural and cultural values, such as springs, cascades, a monastery, a log cabin church and medieval town.

4. Srpske Toplice
Srpske toplice is a place with thermo-mineral springs, 2 kilometers far from Hostel Banja Luka. It is used since the Roman period.


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